We are back!

Developing Digital Leadership Skills In Construction Programme

After a break to assess the impact of COVID-19 we are back!

The programme has moved online and a full schedule of events will be published in mid-November.  


Developing Digital Leadership In Construction SMEs

Developing Digital Leadership Skills in Construction SMEs is a free programme from Gloucestershire Construction Training Group (GCTG).

In summer 2019, the CITB announced the release of £1m of funding to give construction leaders the skills to drive digital transformation.They noted that small and medium-sized companies find it particularly difficult to introduce digital solutions.

After attending CITB workshops we decided to apply for some of this funding. As a CITB funded training group, we work with construction SMEs every week and have a good understanding of the challenges they face. We have direct access to what can be a hard to reach group, often too busy to engage with development projects. We had already held a successful Digital Skills event, so we knew that there was a growing interest in digital adoption.   

During Digital Construction Week it was announced that the GCTG programme was one of six successful projects.  

The GCTG programme is free to in construction companies in Gloucestershire and the surrounding area. Places are limited and priority will be given to CITB registered businesses.

It includes five elements:

  • Digital Boardrooms are cohorts of owners and managers from construction SMEs who meet regularly, reviewing traditional processes to identify opportunities for business improvement and to gain the skills to be digital leaders. These physical meetings are facilitated by a digital or change expert.
  • Action Plans are activities to be completed between Digital Boardrooms.
  • Digital Discovery Sessions are open half-day events exploring specific digital solutions.
  • Digital Focus Groups are where managers from one discipline come together to explore a business process, review a solution, design new ways of working and debate how to overcome the barriers.
  • The Digital Resource Centre (this website) is where we will share information about digital solutions, including case studies, vlogs, podcasts and discussion forums.

The programme is designed to support these learning outcomes:

  • Identifying business opportunities – giving leaders the skills to identify opportunities for tangible improvements by reviewing business processes and considering digital alternatives.
  • Evaluating benefits – giving leaders the skills to evaluate the benefits of a digital solution which are often indirect or intangible.
  • Learning about digital solutions – increasing knowledge of the tools available.
  • Managing cultural change – giving leaders the skills to influence others, remove barriers and encourage new ways of working.
  • Leading implementation - providing the knowledge to support the successful introduction of digital solutions.
  • Understanding technical considerations – raising awareness of technical matters.

Gloucestershire Construction Training Group

This programme is managed by Gloucestershire Construction Training Group (GCTG).

GCTG is a membership organisation funded by the CITB. For more information, please visit the GCTG website.

This project is funded by the CITB

CITB project specification

Giving construction leaders the skills to drive digital transformation

Digital technologies will improve efficiency and productivity but the construction industry has lagged behind others who are reaping the benefits of this transformation. Small and medium sized employers, in particular, find it hard to introduce digital solutions.

Getting technical skills is not the issue. The main challenges are:

  • A lack of understanding of the business opportunities digital transformation brings
  • The leadership required to spell out why the investment is needed, identify and adapt digital technology for their business, and to make it happen.

Without this digital leadership, construction companies are likely to struggle to keep up with technological advances and to compete with their rivals.

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