Digital Boardrooms

Digital Boardrooms

Digital Boardrooms are physical meetings which all participants in a group attend and which are hosted by one of the participants. They are facilitated by digital and change experts.

There will be four groups

  • Cheltenham/Gloucester starting on 26 February 2020
  • South Gloucestershire/Bristol starting late spring 2020
  • Two groups starting in 2021.

Each group will hold a minimum of six Digital Boardrooms during the programme.

Each meeting will include:
         o peer to peer discussions about business improvement and possible solutions
         o support and guidance from experts in digital technology and business change

At the end of each meeting each participant will create an individual Action Plan which they will complete before the next meeting.

Digital Boardroom - Meeting 1

Facilitated group activities and presentations

  • Introductions and project overview
  • Discussing, exploring and sharing ideas about how to streamline or remove inefficient processes in a construction business
  • Mapping processes and tasks
  • Raising awareness of digital solutions
  • Accessing online resources
  • Project actions

Digital Boardroom - Meeting 2

Facilitated group activity

  • Sharing ideas, research, solutions and trials since the last meeting
  • Discussing, exploring and sharing ideas to streamline or remove inefficient processes

Digital leadership skills

  • Managing cultural change: overcoming barriers to change
  • Evaluating the benefits of digital solutions

Project updates:

  • Exploring digital solutions
  • New online resources
  • Project actions

Digital Boardroom - Meeting 3

Facilitated group activity

  • Mapping further processes to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Discuss digital solutions

Digital leadership skills

  • Managing implementation
  • Gaining an awareness of the technical considerations

Digital Boardroom - Meeting 4

Facilitated group activity

  • What if we could start again? Design new streamlined processes to remove time-consuming, repetitive or error prone tasks
  • Develop a plan for demonstrations, trials and research

Digital leadership skills

  • Designing new ways of working or replicating existing processes?
  • Exploring interoperability - API - Dashboards

Digital Boardroom - Meeting 5

Facilitated group activity

  • Discuss and critique digital solutions implemented, trialled or demonstrated.
  • Provide feedback on digital discovery sessions or digital focus groups

Digital leadership skills

  • Explore the pros and cons of commissioning a bespoke solutions versus off-the-shelf products
  • How to commission a bespoke solution

Digital Boardroom - Meeting 6

Showcase meeting

  • Each company showcases the progress they have made
  • Agree further actions to continue exploring and adopting digital solutions
  • Agree future research, demonstrations, trials and meetings

Digital leadership skills

  • Recap on previous topics as required by the group

Guest speakers

If you would like to be a guest speaker at a Digital Boardroom please email with details of your suggested topic and your speaking experience.

Please note that presentations about a specific product are more appropriate to a Digital Discovery Session.

Short guest speaker spots are unpaid. However, if we invite you to design and deliver a longer session on a specific topic we will agree a payment for your time and any travel expenses.

Supporting content

If you are aware of case studies, blogs, podcasts, books, events or other resources that support one or more of the topics in a Digital Boardroom, please email 

Funded by the CITB

Meeting the needs of each cohort

Digital Boardrooms have been designed for the benefit of members so the topics listed here will develop and change to meet the needs of each cohort.

Join the programme

If you would like to apply to join a group please 

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Not Sure?

If you are not sure if this programme is suitable for your organisation you can book to attend the first meeting on 26 February at Sanctus Training, Quedgeley. 

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