Digital Discovery Sessions

One of the barriers to digital adoption in construction is a lack of awareness of the range of digital tools available and how they can be applied in a construction setting.

To help overcome this barrier GCTG will be arranging free Digital Discovery Sessions. These events provide an opportunity for an in-depth look at a range of digital products and solutions, both generic and those designed specifically for the construction sector.

Sessions will include:

  • a selection of presentations by solution providers
  • presentations from companies who have introduced a digital solution, discussing what they have done and the benefits achieved

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Open Events

Digital Discovery Sessions are open events and attendance is free to CITB registered companies. Non-CITB companies may be asked to pay a small fee.

Host a Digital Discovery Session

Organisations are welcome to offer to host Digital Discovery sessions. For example, an employer may wish to host a session to make it easier for their team to attend. Training providers, colleges or solution providers may also wish to host a session if they have suitable facilities available.

If this is of interest please Email GCTG for more information.

This project is funded by the CITB 

Present at a Digital Discovery Session

If you have a digital solution you would like to demonstrate at a Digital Discovery Session, please Email GCTG

We are interested in showcasing both construction specific and generic solutions.

Share your experience

If you have introduced a digital solution into your construction business and are willing to share your experience at a Digital Discovery Session please Email GCTG