FAQs about this programme

Developing Digital Leaders in Construction SMEs is a practical programme to support business improvement. On this page we aim to answer the most frequently asked questions about this programmme. We hope you find this information useful.

Q. How does the programme work?

A) Groups of leaders from like-minded construction companies will meet on a regular basis to explore how their business processes can be improved using digital solutions.

You will develop a Digital Road Map and complete an individual Action Plan between meetings. You will also attend Digital Discover Sessions and Digital Focus Groups and can access resources on this site throughout the programme, including an online forum to enable you to ask questions between meetings.

Q. When will the programme begin?

A) The initial group will start in Gloucester on 26 February 2020. Three further groups will follow over the next two years.

Q. How often will the group meet?

A) The plan is for each group to hold six meetings over a 7 to 10 month period. Groups can arrange their own additional meetings if they wish.

Q. Will I need to do any work between meetings?

A) Yes. Each participant will develop an individual Action Plan during each Digital Boardroom meeting, which they will then implement prior to the next meeting.

Q. We are very busy at the moment. Do we have to create an Action Plan?

A) It is not intended that this is an onerous task as it will comprise activities that add value. One of the major benefits of digital adoption is the opportunity to introduce new ways of working that will save you time in the future.

Q. We do not use BIM so is this programme relevant to my business?

A) Each individual company and Digital Boardroom group will be free to explore whichever digital solutions they wish. We anticipate that companies will want to explore a wide range of solutions, from low cost apps to more comprehensive packages. You are able to choose the solutions which will most benefit your business. Some companies may wish to explore BIM, AR, VR, Digital Twins and Blockchain, but they are not obliged to do so.

Q. What if my company doesn’t have a budget for purchasing special software?

A) This programme will still be of value to your business because there are many excellent free and low cost software options available.

Q. Does this programme include digital skills training for my staff?

A) No, this programme is designed to develop leadership skills to increase the use of digital solutions in construction. It does not include digital skills training. However, we can signpost you to digital training providers 

Q. Where will the Digital Boardrooms be held?

A) The plan is for participating companies to host one or more meetings for their group and provide refreshments. 

It is anticipated that the first group will be for companies in travelling distance of Gloucester and Cheltenham. We also hope to establish a group in Bristol, and would like to have a group in the Forest of Dean. 

Q. Who can take part?

A) The GCTG programme is free to construction companies in Gloucestershire and the surrounding area. Places are limited and priority will be given to CITB registered businesses.

Q. How long does the programme last?

A) Each group will run for between 7 and 10 months. Groups can continue to meet after the set programme if they wish but there will no longer be support available from GCTG.

Q. How much does the programme cost?

A. Because the programme is funded by the CITB, it is FREE TO ATTEND for CITB registered companies.

Please bear in mind, however, that there may be costs such as providing refreshments at a meeting you host and the cost of implementing your Digital Plan.  

Q. I’m not sure if this initiative is right for me/my business. How can I be sure?

A) Attending the first meeting on 26 Febuary is not a commitment to join the prorgamme. Come along to the meeting to find out more and see if this is right for you.

Q. Do we need to be a member of a Construction Training Group?

A) No, but it is highly recommended as you will save money. Please see the GCTG website for a full list of benefits.  

A comprehensive package of support

This programme is much more than a theoretical training course. It provides a combination of activities designed to improve the performance of construction SMEs.

Please explore these FAQs to find out more.

Funded BY The CITB

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