Digital Focus Groups

Digital Focus Groups provide an opportunity for industry leaders and others within their organisation to come together for an in-depth exploration of how digital tools could be used to increase the efficiency of a specific business function or process.

During the discussion participants may:

  • design a new way of working that replaces paper processes with digital
  • explore the must-haves of a digital solution 
  • share information about solutions on the market and how they are being used in construction
  • share research on the benefits of implementing digital solutions to streamline the process or function.

Sessions may also include demonstrations of specific solutions. Following these sessions participants may choose to arrange trials of the products discussed in their own business.

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Open To all

Digital Focus Groups are open events and attendance is free to CITB registered companies. There may be a small fee for non CITB companies.

The format

The purpose of the Digital Focus Groups is to explore a single business activity or function in depth and discuss how digital technology could be used to make that activity more efficient. Examples could include HR functions or accounting processes.  

Topics for Digital Focus Groups will come from requests from the Digital Boardrooms and suggestions from local CITB members.

The participants

The owners and managers who attend Digital Boardrooms may wish to attend Digital Focus Groups themselves. They may also arrange for departmental heads or teams from their organisation to participate, for example those responsible for the business area which is being discusssed. 

This programme is funded by the CITB

Digital Focus Group topics

Topics for a Digital Focus Group can be any business function or process. For example, a Group could address HR in general, or a specific process within the HR function such as recruitment or training.

Host A Focus Group

Would you like to host a Digital Focus Group?

Hosting is open to construction companies and other stakeholders in Gloucestershire and surrounding counties. If this is of interest, please Email GCTG with an overview of the business activity you would like to explore. If your idea is accepted, we will invite other companies to attend.