Programme Overview

Programme overview

An invitation to join the Developing Digital Leaders in Construction SME programme

As a leader in a local construction company Gloucestershire Construction Training Group (GCTG) would like to invite you to join the free programme Developing Digital Leaders in Construction SMEs. This aims to help construction companies improve their business performance by increasing their use of digital technology.

The programme is funded by the CITB and is free to construction companies in Gloucestershire and the surrounding area. Places are limited and priority will be given to CITB registered businesses.

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What the programme offers

This is a practical, hands-on programme designed to help construction leaders identify processes in their business that can be streamlined or eliminated by using digital technology, thus improving productivity and efficiency and reducing costs. It will focus on the many repetitive, time-consuming or error-prone tasks for which cost-effective digital alternatives are available. The target audience is SMEs, but leaders and managers from larger companies are also welcome.

How it works

If you join the programme you will work in a small group with participants from similar companies over an eight month period.

Through a mix of discussions, workshops and individual study you will increase your knowledge of the digital solutions available and how they can be applied in a construction environment. You will receive tailored support and advice from our experts while working with your peers to share experiences and discuss potential solutions.

We will be running four groups:

  • Cheltenham/Gloucester starting on 26 February 2020
  • South Gloucestershire/Bristol starting in late spring 2020
  • Groups three and four starting in 2021

What you will learn

During the programme you will learn to:

  • identify opportunities where digital technology might practically be applied in your business
  • map existing processes and design digital alternatives
  • evaluate the benefits of digital solutions and compare them with current ways of working
  • implement your chosen solutions and embed new ways of working
  • manage cultural change and overcome barriers to introducing new technology
  • gain an understanding of the technical issues  

Benefits of taking part

We understand that owners and managers of construction SMEs have limited time, so this programme has been designed to provide practical advice and skills to support business improvement. Through taking part you will learn how digital solutions can help you to improve one or more of the following:

  • productivity
  • efficiency
  • quantity
  • skills

Programme activities

The programme includes:

  • A minimum of six face to face meetings hosted by the participants, with:
             o peer to peer discussions about business improvement and possible solutions
             o support and guidance from experts in digital technology and business change
  • An individual Action Plan to be completed between meetings
  • Digital Discovery Sessions exploring a range of solutions
  • Digital Focus Groups exploring a single topic
  • Access to detailed information about the solutions discussed
  • Regular podcasts from industry experts
  • An online forum to enable participants to ask questions and obtain advice between meetings.


If you have any questions please visit our FAQ page or Email GCTG

You can also call Gerald Crittle on 07543 185045 for an informal chat.  

The progamme is funded by the CITB 

Not in Gloucestershire?

If you are not in Gloucestershire or a surrounding county you can still benefit from this project by accessing the resources published on this site.

You can also explore the other CITB funded Digital Leadership projects. Links to these are provided on the Home page.

Not a digital skills training programme

This is not a IT training course and will not promote specific technologies or products. It is designed to demonstrate the benefits of digital technology, show leaders in the construction sector that change is achievable and give them the information and skills they need to manage the change.