The Approach

The approach

Many construction companies have a growing interest in the use of digital technology and adoption is increasing. We aim to expand and accelerate digital adoption by providing the space and environment for the owners and managers of SMEs to step away from everyday demands and develop the skills to become digital leaders.

Key to the success of this project is to help construction companies identify opportunities for digital adoption that will improve business performance.

We will do this not by imposing or promoting a specific digital solution but by helping companies explore their business processes to identify problems that can be solved or tasks that can be streamlined or eliminated by using a digital solution. There will be a focus on tasks that are currently

  • time-consuming
  • repetitive
  • error-prone.

Companies taking part in this programme will review business processes to identify opportunities to improve business performance. This will enable them to create a strong business case to drive digital transformation and generate interest in becoming digital leaders.


Mapping processes to identify opportunities for business improvement

A pragmatic approach

GCTG have taken a pragmatic approach to this project as we will be focusing on processes and tasks that can be streamlined or removed using a digital solution.

We intend to take owners and managers on a journey from exploring areas for improvement, researching solutions, evaluating benefits through to implementation.

There may be some theory about managing change but the bulk of the activities will focus on the problems and potential solutions.

Digital solutions

The digital solutions explored and introduced by this project will be dictated by the needs of the participating companies.

For many SMEs it may not be headline-grabbing technology such as BIM, blockchain, AI, VR/AR or digital twins but other practical solutions to reduce costs or save time.

Some companies will want to explore comprehensive solutions, whereas others may wish to introduce low-cost tools to improve a specific process.

70% of this project is funded by the CITB


Exploring processes

The questions the facilitators will be asking include those shown in the sections below.

Time consuming tasks

We will help owners and managers identify time-consuming tasks that could be removed or streamlined: activities that do not add value but are essential to the running of the business.

Which processes are long-winded and time-consuming?

Repetitive tasks

Which tasks have to be completed time and time again that do not add value?

Can these tasks be streamlined or removed?

Can data be reused to avoid repetitive data entry?

Error-prone tasks

Which tasks are prone to errors, such as copying financial data or material quantities?

Can data be reused without manual re-entry?

What information is not being actioned, such as work variations?